Here are my 4 quick effective yoga poses to do while flying, because if you are anything like me…I’ll take any help when I can get it.

Now a days flying can easily be an all day affair and that means little movement and a whole lot of sitting. When you can take full advantage of my five quick and effective yoga poses to do while flying for instant relief for all those traveling aches and pains.

Happy Travels

4 Quick Effective Yoga Poses to do While Flying:

  1. Nervous Nelly Neck Stretches: Nothing like a crick in the neck from carrying all those awkward bags, the ergonomically correct posture perfect seats in the gate area or sitting in those super roomy airplane seats (NOT)… Relief is here… Hope Zvara- Yoga for Flying-Nervous Nelly Neck Stretches Blog
  2. Flying High Hip Stretch: Again nothing screams happy hips more than an airplane seat. Get a little relief with this super quick, yet effective move. Hope Zvara- Yoga for Flying-Hip Stretch- Blog
  3. Twist and Shout Spinal Release: When your flights start to hit double digits the body starts to feel the pain of those incredibly spacious seats. Pardon your neighbor and take a time out to twist and shout. A few of these throughout the flight saves my back a lot of pain and stiffness in the days to come. Hope Zvara-Yoga for Flying-Twist and shout-Blog
  4. Ground Level Pow-Wow: It always amazes me how many people are so eager to sit down before they sit down pre-flight. My suggestion find some floor space (FYI it’s also usually where the USB and outlets are anyway) and take a floor seat. Here you can stretch out your legs and even do a forward bend or two while you wait. Hope Zvara-Yoga for Flying-Take A Ground Seat-Blog

O.K. I have to admit, I do love traveling and really don’t mind flying at all, but I have traveled on some less than comfy flights. China Air really is not designed for Americans, even small ones like myself. And now a days they are packing us in like sardines so it is yours and my best interest to do all we can to make that flight as enjoyable as can.

Safe and Happy Travels!


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