Pause F.O.R. Peace Breathing

It is too common in today’s world that when people think of a “magic pill’ most visualize a small little orange bottle with a prescription label attached. Although, how often do you ask yourself, “What tools do I already have?” Think hard, what have you overlooked, and what have you forgotten about that could use a little brushing up on?

Breath is the first thing we are given in this world, and the last to be taken away. Many people fail to acknowledge this amazing tool and turn to drugs and alcohol while trying to deal with the twists and turn life hands you. Drugs and alcohol have horrible side effects and can leave you with life long health problems. The Breath breathes life back into your thirsty body, mind, and soul. It cleanses you, relaxes you, and it makes you whole.

Reduce anxiety

It wasn’t until I met yoga that I realized how little I understood The Breath. I had no idea how to properly breathe! Growing up I played kickball, tennis, and was challenged to run. I’d do pull up’s, jumping jacks, and the sit and reach, but no one ever taught me or showed me how to properly use The Breath. If I learned the power of The Breath at an early age, it would have helped reduce my overwhelming anxiety, and enhanced the quality of life.

Focus on the breath

Pause F.O.R. Peace Breathing was introduced to me on the simple notion that when you stop and take a breath you can stop the cycle of the sympathetic nervous system and start to live again. Pause F.O.R. Peace breathing is not fancy, it is not complicated, and it definitely does not require any equipment. Just you and the willingness to step back and breathe so you can step forward into the moment at hand.

Peace Breathing with F.O.R. Pause breath method

Pause F.O.R. Peace Breathing is simple and just asks you to take a moment and breathe.

The “F.O.R.” stands for:

FOCUS on one, long, deep breath.

OBSERVE your mind.

REFOCUS if you need to, bringing your mind back to your breath.

Pause F.O.R. Peace Breathing un-complicates what our minds often make complicated. We get so attached to our stories, our struggles, and the need to find identity that we make things more difficult than they have to be. In addition to making things more difficult, we get so attached to our stories because we fear who will we be without them.

Pause F.O.R. Peace Breathing asks you to STOP, and use the very tool you were born with. Enhance its amazing powers to regulate almost every system in the body and coach you mind towards peace.

You owe it to yourself to try the simplest practice within your power. It doesn’t require insurance co-pays, trips to the drug store, or long therapy sessions. You owe it to yourself to refocus and adopt Pause F.O.R. Peace Breathing and see how you feel.

The next time that you are feeling stressed, uncertain, foggy minded, an in desperate need of relaxation, Pause F.O.R. Peace and take a breath. You will be thankful you did!

Today I will Pause F.O.R. Peace Breathing and enjoy the power of my own breath.

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