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Slinger & Hartford, WI 

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This is the place for finding out more about Hope Zvara’s local teaching schedule (former owner of Copper Tree Yoga Studio), as well as Kathy Zvara’s yoga teaching schedule and gong vibrational healing schedule. 

Currently Hope & Kathy  will be posting their 2020 line up of classes soon! Stay tune! 

Hear from past students...

I’ve tried other yoga studio’s and other teachers. But no one compares to you Hope.

– Jean (student of 17 years)


 Both Hope & Kathy approach yoga from a functional perspective. Asking the question “how does this pose translate into every day life?

How do these poses, movements and sequences make life easier, our bodies more mobile, and keep me doing what I love in life?”


Learn more about Hope  & Kathy’s Classes:

(Got questions e-mail Hope)

Hatha Yoga:

Simple style of yoga combining the use of props, breath work, holding poses and small short flows syncing poses together. All levels and abilities welcome. 

Yoga Mixer:

A combination of various props, short flows, holding poses and relaxation techniques to both challenge and relax the body and mind. One week you might sweat, and the next fall into a deep relaxation and the following experience a class full of core and strength. All levels welcome. 

Core Functional Fitness:

Hope’s signature methodology. This approach to movement addresses the core as hub for where all movement stems from. Expect to use the 6-8″ mini ball working your core 408% more effectively than standard floor core work. Increase ROM (Range of Motion), build stamina and find both the strengths and weaknesses of the body. This class requests the student to feel more than flow. 

Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara(TM) is a functional method of movement that addresses postures, movements and body alignment from the ground up, both on and off the mat. The focus is not on“do this movement”or“perform this way”,but on how the body communicates with itself for a functional, applicable movement specified to one’s needs. Basically, function in your life! CFF takes into consideration that “commonsense” recommendations do not equal less pain and many are not backed with any supportive research that would yield a positive outcome (McGill). Taking for example someone telling you to “take a Pilates or yoga class” this does not in sure that you will feel better; you might actually feel worse if the person is not competent. CFF is currently challenging today’s wave of thought on fitness, yoga, Pilates and training.In that, is what you are doing, does it have any merit as to how it will actually positively influence the body

Gong Vibrational Healing/Relaxation Experience: 

Gong sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, enthusiasts believe that gong baths can help reduce stress and liberate emotional blockages.
Scientific evidence suggests that certain forms of sound therapy prompt damaged human DNA strands to repair themselves. Some tones are thought to promote vitality and healing, and also to enhance happiness. Many alternative healthcare clinics offer sound therapies such as gong meditation to help manage various ailments.

Gong healing is wonderful for stress, sleep issues, depression, and emotional stress.

If you have ever used ultra sound before then you already believe in gong therapy. Why? Because ultra sound is is high frequency sound waves. Just like gong!

For quality yoga, core functional fitness and gong relaxation classes and workshops join Hope Zvara (formerly Copper Tree Yoga Studio & Wellness Center owner) and Kathy Zvara in the Hartford, Slinger (Washington County area) and SE Wisconsin (Milwaukee) area for the best classes around.

We hope to see you on the mat.

Can’t make it to a physical class???

Customized, body-friendly yoga, functional, core-based practices brought right to your home!
>>Stressed because you can’t make it to class?
>>Not sure how you are going to fit a class pass into your budget?
>>Trying to coordinate kids’ activities and work meetings with getting to the mat?      
>>Sick of last-minute changes in your schedule and ugh, weather…?  
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