Goal setting for the New Year: Welcome to 2017

Welcome to the New Year! I feel like each time the 1st of the year rolls around it’s a cleansing so to speak. An opportunity we get every 365 days to really start fresh—if we so choose.

Now in all reality, we can do this anytime, but there is something to be said about the actual “new year” and new things that just seem so right.

I believe that goals are important, and goals can often help to keep us focused and on track, because with distractions like, Facebook, SnapChat, Google, and who knows what else, it can easily come to be where we are more doing what appears to be work when really all we are doing is filling time.

Over the last two days as I for the first time truly and honestly with outside objective perspective set my quarterly goals and projection and yearly goals and projections I saw the invaluable need to get clear on things in order to truly receive clarity on things.

So what exactly is the purpose of goals and goal setting anyway? Well John Maxwell in his book How Successful People Think, he states that “the purpose of a goal is to focus your attention and give direction, not to identify a final destination”…He goes on to state that when you think about your goals you must note that they should be:

  •               Clear enough to be kept in focus
  •               Close enough to be achieved
  •               Helpful enough to change lives

Funny that I opened up this book to read this chapter as I was on my way to a strategy and alignment workshop to well-get my shit together to have an amazing 2017. For most of my life (well, really for as far as I can remember back) I have never really truly spent the time to set goals, identify issues and road blocks and ask for outside opinion at the fear I would look like a mess and like I have no real focus. And low and behold, I did and still do have focus, but it wasn’t as clear as it should be, and I was a bit of a hot mess.

There is so much power in writing things down, not on a scrap piece of paper, but actually taking time to map it out. Ever wonder how people and businesses get to six or seven figures? The map it out, they create a plan, they ask for outside opinion, and they do what they say and set out to do. There is an order, a plan of attack. And speaking from experience, yes, doing this takes time, and even money, but the opposite end of this spectrum is…well…let’s just not go there.

2017 what are you going to give me is what I use to ask. But now, I don’t ask, I know, because I have a plan, and I have it written down, I know what I need, and the things I must tackle in-order to get there. There is a lot less “I wonder” and “I hope” and a lot more “I know” and “I got this”.

Whether you are creating a fitness routine, a better plan of attack for meal planning, or yes, the operation of your business, get clear, get close, and you can change lives!

Here’s to an amazing 2017 and creating clarity!

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