There is nothing worse than neck pain!

With the rise in electronic devices and sitting is leaving people like all of us (I’m on my computer‬ WAY TOO much!!!) with tons of pain! Specifically neck and upper back pain.

The amount of strain we put on our bodies to live our lives the way we do (we just don’t move enough-but that for another day) our necks and upper backs are definitely an area of complaint!

Join me for an ‪‎INSTANT‬ release that will leave you feeling ‪‎amazing‬ in under 5 minutes flat! Massage‬ and healthy forms of yoga are essential BUT for those in between times (heck we do this in class) this simple tool and quick moves SHOULD be a part of our daily routine!

Relieve neck pain NOW!

Don’t own an acuBall? No problem!

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