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Regardless of where you are in your personal development journey, this virtual coaching opportunity and online course will help you get crystal clear on your life priorities, health needs, and how to achieve your goals. Instead of accidentally doing it right once in a while, you are purposefully putting these practices into place for life. It’s not just about the practices…

I will help you with the follow-through so you feel different as well.

In this sixteen-week program, we cover three key areas: Breath, Body and Belief. All three are necessary for sustainable success.

Benefits of this Program

It’s time to get your priorities straight so that you can achieve your goals.

Group coaching calls every week to ask questions, deepen your understanding, and connect with others.
 Email support from me, whenever you need it!
Weekly videos including meditations, affirmations, and journaling
 Private Facebook Group Access 
 Free $10 Starbucks Giftcard and Leather-bound journal, sent directly to you!

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After the holidays are over, you will be ready to focus on IMPROVING yourself and your life. You will be able to COMMIT yourself to having a more POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE life!

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My Story

This course is a combination of what I did to move from addiction, scared, insecure, jealous, stuck, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, hating my body, exhausted, feeling less than ALL THE TIME, hating myself, hating my life, depressed…

It took the elements of this course to get me to where I am today: loving my body, a complete shift in mindset, and seeing opportunities everywhere. I am a bigger risk-taker and I am more trusting of what the Universe provides for me. I finally think BIG, not just on the surface but deep down.

I am blessed beyond belief that I get to do exactly what I have been called to do: help others live their best life possible. 

By sharing my story, my lifestyle views, and my daily yoga practice, I focus every day on teaching others how to be (and not to be) the best version of themselves. This course is an opportunity for me to help you purposefully excel in your everyday life. 

Throughout my experience, I’ve connected with the most amazing people, from yoga students and studio owners to recovering addicts and people just looking for a little joy in their lives.

My journey to this business of helping others wasn’t an easy one. I’ve spent most of my life struggling to survive through an eating disorder, a laundry list of addictions, and the loss of a child. While in and out of recovery, yoga just sort of fell into my lap. As I improved my practice, I decided to look into becoming a yoga instructor—and with a prayer and an Internet search, I found a yoga school tucked away in the Colorado mountains. Off I went for a month-long intensive yoga training, which forever changed the way I viewed yoga, my calling, and myself.

Call me crazy, but that first day in the mountains I discovered my path for in the coming years. I never wrote it down, but it was burned into my memory. Fast-forward 15 years and—through a lot of hard work, sacrifice, prayer, and trust—I am living out that calling.

My mission is to share my story and help others live the best damn life possible. If I can go from a walking corpse, stricken with a deadly eating disorder, to a healthy mom of four, I can only imagine what is in store for you!

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