Dr. Cohen’s acuBall™ & acuBack™ Self-Care Tool Kit


The acuBall™ & acuBack™ Massage Kit for Self-Care includes the acuBack back foam roller and the acuBall massage ball.


Dr. Cohen’s acuBall™ & acuBack™ Self-Care Tool Kit

Dr. Cohen’s acuBall™ Massage Ball for Pain Relief

  • relax tight muscles
  • enhance joint movement
  • improve circulation

The natural acupressure design stimulates the central nervous system, releasing relaxing chemicals such as endorphins. Use the foam roller ball for pain free body movement in tender spots.

The acuBack™ from Dr. Cohen

  • relieve muscle and joint pain
  • enhance athletic performance
  • improve posture

Take this self-care foam roller anywhere for a 3-minute massage to release tension in your lower back, mid-back, shoulder blade, legs or head.

Additional information

Weight 2.40 oz


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