Come January each year I set goals and stepping stones for what I want to do, accomplish or move towards, and it always seems so far away to set goals a year out, even six months. That feeling of things never quite happening and an anxiety around that always seems to set in. So I’ll be really honest with you all, because of this I have made my fair share of inpatient investments and decisions that have then in return set me back further than the goal I originally set.

These experiences are such great reminders of why quick fixes just don’t work. As 2017 rolls around I want to encourage you to steer clear of fad diets, bandwagon fitness trends, or good intentions but poor planning and commitment level lofty goals in diet, fitness, finances, business, and pleasure.

I see this every year, people feel guilty about eating too much during the holiday season (usually because they throw their regular sanity and “consistent” health and fitness habits out the window) and so in return they set a temporary lose weight/diet/get skinny goal and after about a month say forget it.

And if you are like me and wonder why this happens here are my insights.

Many fail to go as far as asking themselves why they have set the goals they have set, questioning why they want this and what brought them to this place. Understanding this is essential to a long-term win on a big or small goal.

Yoga has continually helped me keep my life in perspective, my choices in check, and my goals realistic and what I have learned is to set small ones that lead to big ones (like finding the stones to hop on across the pond versus the blind I hope I don’t sink leap). This reduces overwhelm and keeps me consistent.

Setting big goals like to lose 20 lbs is great, but what do you have to do to get there, what brought you to this place, and what emotions and feelings are tied to this goal/changes?

One other thing I also do come years end is to ask myself what I have fallen away from? What did I really enjoy, or benefit from, but have allowed other things to take precedence (and I’m talking deep down I wasn’t forced to choose, I chose)?

And considering I own a yoga studio, I see this a lot, students come to yoga, want to benefit from the many benefits but unfortunately for various reasons, fall away. But then continue to wish for, complain, or search for a solution for the same problem they came with to yoga in hopes to solve but gave very little time or only part time to.

Now I am not suggesting that yoga is a fix all, but the pattern that repeats itself is examined through the eyes of yoga. The yoga that I know and promote is not a quick fix, is not just calisthenics, but an approach to living. One that requests us to commit and examine ourselves as we slowly morph the body and mind into it’s healthiest state, by looking at the layers beneath first.

I see people fall away from yoga because they come and only want to change the body, they are only focused on the surface problem, and when they don’t get the gratification they desired they move on to something else. Never truly changing the mind and questioning the inner state of being, will not allow us to reap the benefits of yoga or any program for that matter.

Yoga has allowed me the ability to stay in check with my commitment level and my desired outcomes and actual outcomes, to see where I fall realistically, based on how these measure up against each other.

Two years ago this Saturday I birthed my fourth child, realizing about this time two years ago, that I was doing too many things, and completing very little, my commitment to my own practice and health was dwindling. Back in August I then took a very bad fall and landed myself with a severe concussion where I am still dealing with recovery on many levels from this fall.

This fall stopped me dead in my tracks asking me to reevaluate my commitment level to my practice, my goals, and my life. To stop making excuses, and being lazy with my “reasons” as my blanket to not feel so bad about my lack of drive and commitment. It asked me “Hope, what do you really want? Why are you not moving in that direction then?”

My fall was my check-in, my recommitting to myself, my clarity towards my goals, and the slow process (because it’s slow) towards making real changes that bring me lasting happiness.

And part of that included getting back to my mat-personally, and walking outside again (something I deeply love). That fall stripped everything away from me, where for several weeks I was unable to do anything. Since then, I have begun to rebuild my practice and have done it in such a way that keeps me accountable and sharing my gifts with the world at the same time.

My goals are still the same, but with my practice consistent, and the clarity and motivation in my actions, the tone, and flexibility back to my body, that yoga can bring you- things are coming together, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

So to sum up my 2016 and my step into the new year –2017, it starts with my commitment to my practice, and the evaluation of my excuses, reason, and feelings that come with getting onto the mat daily, and then taking what I learn about life, the mind and my actions off into my everyday life.

If I want to tone up my middle after baby number four, then I need to get off my ass and do something, that will mean I sacrifice something else (and usually it’s the thing that is keeping you from your result), but what I get from that sacrifice is a body I am proud of, and the confidence and development of a committed attitude for my next goal I set.

So are you all in?

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